Engage Your Prospects & Customers How They Want You To……Mobile


Go Mobile before your competition does!




IPhones, Androids i.e Smartphones Are Important To Your Business Because:



  • There are over 4.2 Billion mobile devices worldwide.
  • 2013 is the year Mobile Web is predicted to takeover desktop Internet usage. (Source: Gartner)
  • Mobile web growth is happening 4 times as fast as the Internet.
  • 45 million is the total est. number of Smartphone users in the U.S. today. (Source: ComScore)
  • Smartphone users are twice as likely to earn $100k+ per year than “dumbphone” users. (Source: Nielsen)

Speaking at a Mobile Marketing & Advertising event in Las Vegas to coincide with CTIA Wireless 2010, Diana Pouliot – director of mobile advertising at Google – revealed that one-third of all Google searches via the mobile web pertain to some aspect of the searcher’s local environment.



Is Your Business Prepared For The Mobile Revolution?