Strengthening Your Online Presence Is Key In Today’s Mobile & Social World!

To connect with prospects and clients you need to be where they are searching.

Local search is one of the most important spots that your business can be in today. In fact more than 20% of all searches on Google are for a local businesses, to put it all in perspective that is 2.8 billion (yes, I said billion) local queries on Google each month. These searches have become so prevalent that Google has changed it’s result to display local business listings (Places) when it predicts that you are looking for a local business.

In this highly mobile and social world it is important that when your prospects and clients search for you on the internet that your business information is presented accurately and consistently across the web, so potential customers are seeing the real you when they search.

People are using the Web on their phones to research, find, and CONNECT with businesses every day. Is your business even visible on the internet and do you know what people are seeing?

Connect with your customers they way the are searching for YOU!

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