Does Google consider SEO to be spam?


No! Check out this video that was recorded by Matt Cutts of Google. He talks about SEO and if search engines thinks it is spam.

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Branding Your Business Name


Google has made some recent changes, again! Check out this video! If you would

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Local Search Explained


A local search is when someone is searching for something online and use a location identifier inside of the search term. The local identifier could be a city, state, zip code, neighborhood or anything else that identifies a location.

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Death Of The Yellow Pages


Take advantage of the recent Google changes to truly propel your business and dominate your competition. Don't you want to show up above your competition when people are searching for your products and/or services?

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Social Media Success Summit 2011!


Would you like to learn the tactics of social media from pros like Stelzner—all from the comfort of your home or office? If so, keep reading.

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9 Ways to Transform Your Website Into a Social Media Hub


There’s no doubt that social media is a powerful marketing and communication tool for businesses and non-profits that have embraced it. Yet, for most of us, our websites are still where the rubber meets the road. It’s where you turn visitors into leads and prospects into customers. It’s where you build your lists and sell your goods.

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